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  • Main: Recent WereLibrary news and updates.
  • Contribute: Learn more about contributing literature and ideas to the Werelibrary.
  • Contact: Contact information.
  • Links: Links to other therianthropic sites.
  • Essays: Essays relating to therianthropy. Separated into categories:
    • General: General essays that don't quite fit a category, including rants and outdated work.
    • Newcomers and Awakening: Essays directed towards people new to therianthropy and the therianthropic community. Suggestions on how to get started, what not to do, and so on. Also suggestions, advice, and information on discovering one's personal therianthropy, where to start searching, etc.
    • Definitions: Varying definitions of therianthropy, contherianthropy, Otherkin, and many other related terms.
    • Shifting: Essays on the various types of shifting, methods of shifting, the nature of shifting, etc.
    • Theriotypes: Information on various animal sides, essays on the nature of theriotypes, advice on discovering one's theriotype, and more.
    • Community: Essays, insight, and rants dealing with the therianthropic community and various aspects of it.
  • Stories: Fiction and other prose relating to therianthropy, as well personal stories, awakening accounts, and depictions of experiencing the animal within. Separated into categories: Experiences & Journeys, and Fiction.
  • Poetry: Therianthropy-related poems, whether related to personal therianthropy/weresides, shifting, nature, or animals.

Why make the WereLibrary?
There is a lot of excellent writing dealing with therianthropy on the Web, but in order to find most of it, one must do quite a bit of digging. So it was thought it might be useful to have as many of these writings indexed in one place as possible, and here we are.

I wrote an essay/story/poem that might work in the WereLibrary...
You can find more information on the contribute page, but send it in! We'd love to link it here.

What counts as an essay?
An essay can be formal or informal when concerning structure, or if you would rather, expository or narrative, etc. There is a wide range of essay formats in this world, and even brief articles, so long as they have a core message (and even that line is blurred sometimes), will be accepted under ‘essays’.

Where are all the otherkin essays?
The Werelibrary is a resource specifically for therianthropy, although as therianthropy sometimes exists under the umbrella of otherkin, a few essays may be added for definition and reference. If you have an essay that has more of a focus on otherkin but you believe is still appropriate to add to the library please feel welcome to send it in.

I think [name of piece] is wrong and I want to yell at the writer! Also, take it down!
If your heart is set on screaming at the writer (or discussing their piece with them) you'll have to find their contact information on their personal website (in most cases linked through the author's name, you can also find them this way to offer compliments). If you want the same piece taken down, email Aethyriek with an excellent argument.

Why do so many of the writings in the WereLibrary contradict each other?
The WereLibrary hosts as many therianthropy-related writings as authors write and allow. If it's related to therianthropy, it’s probably here. This might include some seemingly ‘fluffy’, outrageous pieces, or ones with poor or misleading information, but we try to be as unbiased as possible. Therianthropy is diverse and we would like to capture that. Ultimately you need to make your own decision about what you read.

You post/link to some of my work on the WereLibrary and I never gave you permission!
Sorry! No one was intending to upset you. If your work is posted or linked here and you would like it taken down there’s no trouble. Just email Aethyriek with the titles of your pieces and/ or your name as displayed on the WereLibrary and say that you would like them removed, she’ll be glad to comply. Keep in mind this is a directory however, and linking alone does not violate copyright laws; it also benefits both readers and authors.

Who's the webmaster?
The current webmaster is Aethyriek, and you can find her contact information here.

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