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July’s Challenge is: Write a piece of poetry that relates to your experience as an animal.
Deadline: August 1st 2008

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The WereLibrary Challenge is a writing challenge that will be issued every so often to promote communication and sharing through writing around the Werecommunity, and perhaps more accurately, deviously, and less in the spirit of bettering our fellow therian, fill in what the library is seriously lacking. Which is also positive in its own right. Each time a new challenge is issued a new topic will be selected for writers to take and run with, and participants’ work will be linked on the site on the past challenges page, and of course indexed for the world to see.

You also have the opportunity to share what topics you’d like to see more of, and suggest new Challenge ideas. Just send them along in an email.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the point of participating?
The WereLibrary Challenge gives writers everywhere an excuse to put what they’re thinking in words. So if you’ve ever had the itch to write something relating to therianthropy in general, or your own personal therianthropy, but haven’t felt really motivated, or maybe felt a bit weird sharing, maybe even not important enough, now is your chance! It’s for fun, and for something to do. So grab those pens! Challenge yourself! You know you want to.

Are there guidelines?
The guidelines for the Challenges are the same as for what regularly might be submitted or indexed in the library. Work should be, a) grammatically correct, so don’t use abbreviations such as w/o in place of without, and b) understandable and reasonable. Any form of writing is welcome and adaptable, from narrative to poetry, unless otherwise stated.

How do I submit my work?
You can learn all about submitting you work on the Contribute page. As always, please make sure that the word ‘WereLibrary’ is somewhere in the subject line of any email so that your submission is not screened as spam.

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