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Essays dealing with the therianthropic community and various aspects of it.

Title Summary Author
Growing and Learning Growing and learning as an animal person alongside other animal people. Akhila
Labels Pretty words are dangerous. Akhila
Norms Within the Werecommunity On what's normal within the werecommunity, and what's perhaps not so normal. Akhila
Seniority On the "pulling seniority" trend in the werecommunity. Akhila
Werecommunity On the steady change of the werecommunity; a much more negative view. Akhila
The Need to Belong On the need to belong and to find others with a similar theriotype. Elinox
Dream Shifting Dream shifting, validation, and the community. Keller
Musings on Retirement Musings on retiring from the therian community. Keller
Wannabes: A Bane On Were-Society The annoyance of people who pretend to be therians and beg to be turned into werewolves. Ketrino
On Justification and Identity in the Therian Community Looking at the need to justify oneself within the therian community in comparison to the transgender community, and some bad habits. Liesk
Family The importance of family and community. Merf
And Another Thing... Thoughts of the were-community in general. Morg
Packs Thoughts on packs, especially the fad of such in the therian community. Shay
Therian Community: Status Quo and Development The growth and development of the community over the years. Sonne Spiritwind
Evolution of a Lone Wolf Learning, growing, and taking one's own path. A very clear perspective. Twilight Stray
What's With the Wolves? A rant on the excessive amount of wolves and the community. WingBoy

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