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Contributing links and ideas to the WereLibrary is very helpful to its ongoing development and you can learn a little bit more about it here; what is acceptable, and what isn’t.

Firstly, all ideas and suggestions are wonderful, send them along! What we would like as well however is to be able to link to as much literature as possible so that the therian community and other interested fellows can read at their leisure and ideas might be shared. Below is a short little FAQ which will hopefully answer all your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to submit something I wrote, what is the criteria?
Almost anything is acceptable in the WereLibrary so long as it is, a) grammatically correct, so don’t use abbreviations such as w/o in place of without, b) understandable and reasonable (essays claiming that therians are magical shapeshifting pumpkins for instance will generally be declined). It must also somehow relate to therianthropy. Very simple. No worries. If your work is declined feel free to ask why.

I don’t have a site/ place to host my work but want it listed here… what do I do?
If your essay, poem or story, etc is only posted in a forum or on your computer since you don’t own a site, we can offer a number of solutions. The WereLibrary will happily host the work of any author who would like us to because they do not have a site of their own; simply ask when you submit your work. Or alternatively, you could register an account on deviantART, which caters specifically to artists of most varieties (including writers), or create a website with one of the many free hosts out there.

How do I submit work?
Submitting work is easy as can be. Email Aethyriek with a link to your work (if you don’t have a host, please see above) and the author name you would like to appear as on WereLibrary, and optionally a link to your site or email if you'd like your author name to link back. A brief summary would also be very, very nice. Alternatively, if it is someone else’s essay you would like listed, that’s fine too and the same applies. Although having their permission might be nice despite that this is an index, it is not currently required.

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