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Varying definitions of therianthropy, contherianthropy, Otherkin, and many other terms.

Title Summary Author
The Contherianthropy FAQ An excellent and thorough discourse on contherianthropy. Akhila
Therianthropy Another definition of therianthropy. Akhila
Therianthropy FAQ Definitions of various terms; includes a definition of "eclipsing". Aurora Wolfen
Weres and Therians A bit of thought on the differences between the terms were and therianthrope.* Dragonslorefury
Otherkin and Therianthropy A definition of therianthropy and Otherkin. (Lots of ads on site.) Glendarii
Werewolves, Shapeshifters and Therianthropes, Is There A Difference? The differences between werewolves, therians, and shapeshifters and where the terms are suitable. Ketrino
Werecreatures An explanation of therianthropy. * Khaibit
Shapeshifting Definitions of terms, mostly focusing on shifting terms. * Lance Foxx
A Clear Look at Contherianthropy What contherianthropy is, and why most people who claim to be contherianthropes aren't. Liesk
Skinside Out A bird's view of therianthropy. Meirya
Why I Believe in Vampires A bird's beliefs on and definitions of vampires. Meirya
Otherkin Definition of Otherkin and information on the various species with some focus on mythology. Morg
Weres (Or Whatever) A definition of therianthropy. Morg
Animality Defined Another take on therianthropy. Quil
Introduction to Shapeshifting A slightly formal, concise treatise on shapeshifting in its many forms. Quil
Therianthrope Version 2.0 A definition of therianthropy. She Demon Wolf
Ailuranthropy A brief definition of ailuranthropy.
Contherianthrope/ Cladotherian A brief definition of both contherianthropy and cladotherianthropy.
Cynanthropy A brief definition of cynanthropy.
Howls Defining what a howl is.
Polywere A brief definition of polywere.
Shifting A compilation of writing on various types of shifts, and Shifter’s Disease.
Therianthropy A brief definition of therianthropy.
Theriotype A brief definition of theriotype.
Wereside A brief definition of wereside.
An Interpretation of Therianthropy A somewhat in-depth essay interpreting therianthropy, interspersed with Calvin and Hobbes quotes and strips. Utlah
Werenames An brief explanation of werenames. VampireKitten
What is Therianthropy? A basic explanation of therianthropy and a brief overview of causes. VampireKitten
Terminology Defining numerous terms used in relation to therianthropy. Velvet Wings
Therianthropy Briefly, what therianthropy is. Velvet Wings
What is a Therianthrope? Definitions of many forms of therianthropy, modern and old. Wanda Albano
Therianthropy From Wikipedia The old therianthropy article from Wikipedia; use of the term, etc. Wikipedia
Defining Therianthropy A spiritual definition of therianthropy. (Webpage background blinding.) Wolf~Bone

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