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Experiences & Journeys

Individual therians' experiences and journeys, such as awakening accounts, and depictions of experiencing the animal within, etc.

Title Summary Author
Jaguar Thoughts on one therian's affinity with the big cat. Akhila
Journey One animal person’s journey as a traveller, walking between worlds. Akhila
Personal Therianthropy A biography focused on one therian's process of self-discovery. Akhila
What is Home Home to one animal person. Akhila
Human and Animal - Therian Disbelief A dog therian’s personal thoughts about the roots of their therianthropy, awakening, and questioning why doubt is common. Dogrose
The Itch Living and growing as an earwing person. Earwig
Ithé Nahl Evolving as a rabbit therian, and personal therianthropy. Katie
Methrah The original awakening of a rabbit. Katie
Methrahsi Rediscovering the animal within, from the view of a rabbit. Katie
A Possible Physical Shift? A wolf person contemplates and recounts a possible physical shift. * Ketrino
Fears Fear from the eyes of a wolf/ sheep and some anti-human sentiment. Ketrino
The Battering Ram The awakening of a bighorn sheep and wolf therian. Ketrino
Korrok’s Story The self-discovery of a spotted hyena therian. Korrok
Of Storms and Lions Experiencing the storm and existence on two separate nights. Kusani
Soulskins Past, present, and the evolution of a lioness. Kusani
Coyotedeer A coyote/marsh deer's thought processes in concluding that identity. Liesk
Inside A wolf therian's story of her personal therianthropic journey, however some is a little vague and therefore may be confusing. Meirg
Animal People She hunts for the wild in humanity. Poetic descriptions of a number of animal people one bird person has observed in person. Meirya
Encounter A bird's experience of hiking with a feline-girl and changeling-boy. Meirya
Growth and Reevaluation A bird-person's process of identity development over the years, and how it's changed and evolved through time. Meirya
Anger and the Animal Person Emotions, expressions, and animality. Merf
Dog Days of Summer Recalling the summer. Noctifer
I Live in Fear The raw primal feeling - fear, blood, sweat, and all - of animal. Quil
In a Lawn Chair on the Fourth of July A perception of fireworks. Quil
Real Conclusions A leopard wonders on identity and relations. Quil
Discovering My Therianthropy How a wolf contherianthrope discovered and came to terms with her therianthropy. Shay
Searching A well-written, yet frustrated account of coming to terms with and seeking out the other side. Shay
Hooves Beat as Hearts The desire for a horse to run, and holding it back. Sonne Spiritwind
Musings on an Unknown Theriotype The ongoing search to identify a third theriotype. Sonne Spiritwind
Musings on an Unknown Theriotype: Part 2 The ongoing search to identify a third theriotype. Sonne Spiritwind
Musings on an Unknown Theriotype: Part 3 The ongoing search to identify a third theriotype. Sonne Spiritwind
Canine, And You Are? A wolf therian’s experience during therapy and a rough time. SummonerWolf
Felinity A retelling of a wolf therian’s dream about physically shifting with friends. SummonerWolf
Shifting A wolf’s experience of shifting. SummonerWolf
The Grass Touches My Forelegs An experience in the grass, as an animal. SummonerWolf
A Lurking Predator and a Playful Beauty Experiencing a shift as cat and horse at once. Tamuril
Evolution of a Lone Wolf Learning, growing, and taking one's own path. Twilight Stray
Lycanthropy and the Utlah One person's beliefs concerning the animal within/ lycanthropy. Utlah
Being Cladotherian A cat’s thoughts on being a cladotherian. Velvet Wings
Human-Feline A cladotherian’s journey to discovering and accepting their personal therianthropy and identity. (Not finished.) Velvet Wings
Through The Mirror A cat’s experience one day when looking in a mirror. Velvet Wings
Spiritual Therianthropy One therian's take on therianthropy and their relation to it. Vladwolf
Autumn and the Mutt A wolf person in the Autumn. Wolffeather/ Dreama
Alternative Alternative Lifestyle The unique awakening of a wolf therian. Ys'Rayl

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