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Looking for more information? Sites that involve therian/ were-related art? Look no further. Below you can find information, communities, art and even more writing on some personal sites, involving everything from therianthropy to mythology.

  • Kinspace: A small community and resource for otherkin of all variety.
  • Lone Wolf's Den: Lots of different resources and community info, if rather outdated. Howls, cons, pictures, primers, all sorts of interesting stuff. Run by Lone Wolf.
  • Otherkin Awakening: An Otherkin community with a few articles here and there.
  • Otherkin.Net: A relatively large resource for otherkin.
  • Some Lives Are Different: A vampire, therian, otherkin & donor support site/ community.
  • The Dæmon Page: Not to be confused with therianthropy, but another facet of animal identity: daemons. A relatively large resource and community.
  • Therianthropy: Masticina Akicta’s site about therianthropy with information and a few personal experiences.
  • Therian.Wikia: A wiki which is all about therianthropy.
  • Trueform Within: A real, modern vampire and therian resource.
  • Werelist: Tons of information, lots of demographics, and a huge listing of therianthropes and otherkin. The forums are also excellent and very active, full of well-thought-out discussions and practicality.

  • Animal Quills: A LiveJournal community for therian writers to post their works and thoughts.
  • Awereness Forums: One of the more active forums in the werecommunity, with a somewhat stringent admissions process.
  • Kinspace: A small community and resource for otherkin of all variety.
  • Otherkin Awakening: An Otherkin community.
  • An open resource on therianthropy, and community.
  • Some Lives Are Different: A Vampire, Therian, Otherkin & Donor support site/ community.
  • The Aerie: A fairly new and small community on Invision Free.
  • The Hollow: A relatively small community, under construction.
  • TherianSpace: ‘A therian alternative to MySpace’, TherianSpace is a social network hosted on Ning.
  • Therian Thoughts: A LiveJournal community accepting of newbies and old timers alike.
  • The Spirit Runners: A growing, ‘exclusive’ pack requiring an application for people who want to avoid drama and roleplaying.
  • The Therianthropy Tree: A slowly growing community.
  • Trueform Within: An open, but serious and friendly community with a welcoming environment.
  • Werelist: One of the most active forums in the werecommunity, with lots of resources as well. Also one of the more practical and sceptical forums out there.
  • Weresource: A newer community for therians, still in development.
  • WereSpace: A social network for therians open to many beliefs; hosted on Ning.

  • Black Tapestries: A fantasy comic by Jakkal, a therian. It's about an immortal human/fox shapeshifter, but has noticable therianthropy influences. A good read either way.
  • TheriThere: A well-drawn, thoughtful comic about otherkin and therianthropes.
  • WereChild: A sporadically updated comic about an adolescent werewolf. The artist (Ozenwolf) is a wolf therian, so there's a number of therianthropy references.

Writings/ Personal Sites
  • Absurdism: A lovely site shared by Quil and Katsune with several excellent essays, stories, and other writings.
  • Cynanthropy: Essays from the mind of Solo, a cynanthrope.
  • Feather & Flame: Essays, stories, and other writings on a variety of topics by Meirya, a hawk-person.
  • Feral Scribes: Host to a number of personal pages, including Thébaïde, and The Marsh.
  • Lunar Oasis: The personal den of Jet-Wolf, containing a couple writings on the topic of therianthropy.
  • Lupine Instincts: Elinox’s collection of therianthropy-related writing.
  • Sobriquet: A newer site containing the musings of a rabbit therian.
  • Sterling Twilight: Another collection of information. The therianthropy-related writings are mostly under Boot Camp. (Main site currently under construction.)
  • Strillopolis: Strill’s personal site, containing a few essays, and various artwork.
  • Stone Knife Clan Homepage: Some essays, some personal stories. Mostly information and speculation on cat-therians and the author, Khaibit.
  • The Sanctuary: The prose and poetry of Sonne, a polywere, on various subjects.
  • Wild Ideas: MissLynx (Lynna Landstreet)'s widely varied, beautifully designed site. The section with therianthropy writings is called Temple.

  • Therianthropy Podcast: Hosted by Melodium, the Therianthropy Podcast presents therianthropy in a whole new way. It's a podcast of course, and it's all about animal identity.

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