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Essays directed towards people new to the therianthropic community. Suggestions on how to get started, what not to do, and so on. Also suggestions, advice, and information on discovering one's personal therianthropy, where to start searching, etc.

Title Summary Author
Soulsearch (and keep walking) A thorough introduction to soulsearching: definitions, tips, warnings, and advice. Akhila
The Contherianthropy FAQ An excellent and thorough discourse on contherianthropy. Akhila
Introduction to Therianthropy An introduction to therianthropy; who, what, and why. Judia
Chakra Meditation A concrete meditation technique (and its application to therianthropy) for those times when everyone keeps asking "have you meditated on...?" Keller
Humans as Lesser Beings A good read for anyone who thinks of humans as inferior. Keller
What Is Therianthropy? A slightly leaning, lengthy explanation of therianthropy. Ketrino
How Do I Know if I'm a Werecreature? Some ‘symptoms of therianthropy’. What makes a werecreature. * Khaibit
Experiencing the Phenotype How it feels to have "the animal inside", and the different ways it manifests. Korrok
Therianthropy for Dummies A vague self-interview to explain therianthropy.* Leopardgrrl
Canis dichotomus sapiens An explanation of therianthropy geared towards those outside of the community, without using therian-specific terminology. Liesk
Okay, So I'm New To This... An overview and introduction to therianthropy, furrydom, and the communities of each. Lone Wolf
Extinct Theriotypes Advice for those who think they might have an extinct theriotype. Paleo
The Need for Research On the need for thoroughly researching one's animal side. Quil
The Thwack When did you notice your animal nature? Quil
Vampires vs. Werewolves (Fact & Fiction) The truth about vampires, werewolves, and the ‘war’ between the two. Ransim
Therianthrope A rather poetic and romanticized introduction to therianthropy. She Demon Wolf
Therianthropy Defining therianthropy, lycanthropy, and touching on the community. Silverback2001
The Therianthropy Resource Explaining briefly what therianthropy is, views from therians on their humanity, and shifting all rolled into one. Snowwolf
Coping With Wereism: Awakening For Dummies Advice on awakening and how to proceed afterwards. Sterling
Overview Of Therianthropy An overview of therianthropy in both modern and generic terms. Strigoacia
Are You A Therian? What therianthropy is and isn’t. Strill
Therians A compilation that covers numerous aspects of therianthropy including subculture and werenames.
What Does Not Make a Therian A list of some of the things describing what does not make a therianthrope, despite what some people assume. VampireKitten
What is Therianthropy? A basic explanation of therianthropy and a brief overview of causes. VampireKitten
Therianthropy Briefly, what therianthropy is. Velvet Wings
What is a Therianthrope? Definitions of many forms of therianthropy, modern and old. Wanda Albano
What is a Were? An introduction to therianthropy. * Werebeast Support Page
Therianthropy From Wikipedia The old therianthropy article from Wikipedia; use of the term, etc. Wikipedia

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