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Essays that don't quite fit in any one category. Some are rants while others are simply outdated. Everything else is under what is affectionately called miscellaneous opossum food. One percent of an oppossum's diet is miscellaneous and so is one percent of the WereLibrary (well, perhaps a bit more than one).

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Opossum Food

Title Summary Author
Cubs Children versus cubs. Aalaueryiian
"Different" Isn't "Insane" Neurobiology and therianthropy: clearing up misconceptions. Akhila
Gender vs Animality How one animal person’s gender and animal identity mesh with one another. Akhila
Liminal Animal Identity, animals and metaphors. Akhila
Musings on Writing Writing as animal people and where difficulty springs from. Akhila
The Thirst Exploring, feeling, being and other musings. Akhila
Tranimal-bodied On body dysphoria as a trans and animal person. Akhila
Transpecism/ Transgenderism How being another gender inside differs from being an animal inside. Akhila
A Fallacy Recognition Handbook A must-read for anyone new to any community dealing with such personal identity issues as the therianthropy community. Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere
Balance A wolf’s experience growing and achieving balance. Elinox
Labels Looking at labels in a positive light. Elinox
Phantom Limbs A wolf therian’s personal experience with phantom limbs. Elinox
Where the hell am I? A beginner's (snarky and satirical) guide to therians. Façade
Kin and Non-Kin Relationships Therians are humans too; something to consider when building relationships with others. Gryff
The Telling Tutorial Advice on coming out of the ‘therian closet’ to family and friends. Gryff
The Advanced Bonewit's Cult Danger Evaluation Checklist Evaluating the danger or benignity of any religion, spirituality, or parareligious group. Isaac Bonewits
All Right Nowoooooo! An article on werewolf legends and lore, with a few paragraphs on "modern werewolves". Joe McNally (BIZZARE magazine, Issue 21, June 1999)
Pawprints and Shadows of Myth A story of animal people and myth. Katsune
The Vision Quest Disconnected musings on vision questing, French, and therianthropy. Katsune
Life and Religion A therian's opinion on religious concepts and how they relate to therianthropy. Kefira
Hair and Therianthropy Hair and the messages it can carry. Keller
Territoriality in Therian On territorial instincts and their consequences. Keller
Zoophilia A look at the controversial topic of zoophilia. Keller
A Longing For Home Home through the eyes of a displaced wolf. Ketrino
A Wolf-Sheep’s View On Humans A view on regular people and how outright hate for humanity is misguided. Ketrino
Balance The meaning of balance and expression through tattoos. Ketrino
Humans And The Desire To Be Other Why some humans want to be otherkin, and why their desire is silly. Ketrino
Indigo Otherkin The phenomena of Indigo Children and why quite a few otherkin seem to be both. Ketrino
Rain Rain from the eyes of a wolf person, with some slightly misanthropic leanings. Ketrino
School And The Animal Person Dealing with school as a therianthrope. Ketrino
Shift Analysis Analyzing a mental shift after reacting to fear. Ketrino
The Wolf as a Symbol Touching on of some of the symbolic value, both negative and positive, of the wolf. Ketrino
The Yearning Dealing with displacement and a longing for one’s ‘true’ home. Ketrino
Transgender Sheep? Pondering if an opposite sex theriotype plays a role in gender identity. Ketrino
What’s in a Werename The significance of a werename. Ketrino
Territory and Pride Territory in the mind of a lioness. Kusani
What Exists Musing over existence, from a lioness’s point of view. Kusani
Weresides Versus Procrastination How one therian's wolf side got his human side back on task. Lenowill
A Comprehensive Introduction to a Psychological View on Therianthropy Identity, consciousness, and species; a hypothesis on the origin of therianthropy. Liesk
Digging up the Past A brief piece on the act of digging, and a coyote’s evolution. Liesk
Renaming Yourself Thoughts on names, werenames, and changing one's name. Liesk
Plushie Addiction A somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at the allure of stuffed animals to therians. Lone Wolf
I am not a Werewolf Differences between therianthropy and werewolves, and thoughtful insight on what should be important. Lupa
Werewolves and Witches and Archetypes, Oh My! Thoughts on "coming out" about one's therianthropy. Lynna Landstreet
What Does it Mean to be a Were - and is Were the Word to Use? Thoughts on therianthropy, being therian, and terminology. Lynna Landstreet
The Not So Phenomenal “Weredar” Phenomena Some thoughts regarding why and how therians are able to recognize other therians. Madd
Interview With a Pantheress A brief interview with an awakened panther.* Mage20022003
Believe It or Not? How do you decide what is and isn't real, valid, probable, and possible? What makes something believable or unbelievable? One bird's approach to judging validity of belief and experience. Meirya
Autistic Human, Autistic Wolf On being autistic and a therian. NightStorm
A Jumble of Musings A jumble of musings on werewolves, therianthropy, and the mixing of the two. Paleo
That Pack Thing Thoughts on what Pack really means. Paleo
Blurry Notability Humanity’s place among animal identity. Quil
Hair Thoughts on hair, therianthropy, and social connotations. Quil
"Know Thyself, Know Thy Animal" Why it’s important to you know yourself. Quil
Memories of Palm Emily Dickinson on cats in cages. Quil
Obsidian, So-Called Crystal Healing, Therianthropy, and Me Thoughts on crystal healing in mild relation to therianthropy. Quil
One for Sorrow Crow and shift and a cat. Quil
Shifting Musings On shifting and the confines of society. Quil
The Ecstatic Name Animalness and words, from a leopard person’s eyes. Quil
Weapons Weapons as simulations of claws and teeth. Quil
(En)gendering a Were/Shifter Identity Thoughts on gender in regard to therianthropy. Sabersger
Therianthropy: Religion or Spiritual Belief? Why therianthropy is more of a spirituality than a religion. Silverback2001
Personal Mythology A cynanthrope’s personal mythology. Solo
Fluidity and Fragmentation A personal experience of therianthropy in relation to shifting and integration. Sonne Spiritwind
Guiding Black Wings: Essay on Crow On Crow as a totem with some relation to therianthropy. Sonne Spiritwind
Skin Deep: On Being Animal and Human A personal look at the significance of being both animal and human in relation to species dysphoria. Sonne Spiritwind
Upbringing, Imprintation, and Self-Development The effect one therian’s upbringing had on their therianthropy and its development. Sonne Spiritwind
Waters of Obscurity: My Therianthropic Self-Concept How one therian’s self-concept relates to their life. Sonne Spiritwind
I Am A Therianthrope A canine’s personal definition of therianthropy. SummonerWolf
I Am Wild More poem than prose, a poetic piece on the wild in all of us. SummonerWolf
I Need A Pack An almost-rant about the importance of a pack to this red wolf. SummonerWolf
Therianthropy Theories Numerous theories on the causes behind therianthropy.
Art On art and the wolf within. Twilight Stray
Skinned Wolf Musings on dead things and fake things. Twilight Stray
There is a Wolf that Lives in the Right Side of My Brain On therianthropy and the brain. Twilight Stray


and general fuming

Title Summary Author
Humans as Lesser Beings A good read for anyone who thinks of humans as lesser beings, even if somewhat of a rant. Keller
To Those Who Bitch About Werewolf Movies Throwing off delusions that Hollywood gives therianthropy a bad name. Ketrino
Vampire/Werewolf War? Reasoning why a war between vampires and therians is ridiculous. Ketrino
We Have Human Duties Too! Brief words on the misconception of otherkin being free from normal responsibility. Ketrino
Out of Housecat Mode A leopard’s desire to let loose. Quil
The Virtual vs. the Practicing Were The difference between an "online therian" and an "actual" one. ShadowsMyst
Oh, the Humanity! A discourse on exactly how human everyone is, therian or not. Sterling
The Nature of the Soul One view of souls in relation to therianthropy. Sterling
Psuedo-Weres A rant against the "psuedo-weres" and "woodchippers" (or polyweres with an excessive number of phenotypes). Sterling
The "Vogue" Phenotype Thoughts on the herbivore-carnivore phenotype imbalance and "fad phenos". Sterling
Tell Me A brief rant about the repetition found among therians. SummonerWolf
False Werewolves with the Vampire Don Explaining the false information conveyed in an interview in Maxim magazine. VampireKitten
WAA! WAA! Humans Suck! A rant on the anti-human sentiment expressed by some otherkin. WingBoy


Title Summary Author
Here Be Dragons A worthwhile read on dragons in relation to therianthropy. Cloven Hooved Goddess
Terms and Diagrams On the use of diagrams to describe personal therianthropy; terminology, and insecurity. Keller
Were-words 1: Phenotype or Anima? A discussion of etymology and proper terms. Lynna Landstreet
Were-words 2: Theriopsyche & Theriopneuma More on etymology and proper terminology. Lynna Landstreet
Thoughts on Several Aspects of Therianthropy Thoughts on therianthropy and awakening with reference to Freudian psychology. Madd
The "werecommunity": Are we deceiving ourselves? Are we truly a community or are we simply a mish-mash of different groups with their cliques, agendas and factions? Sabersinger
Wereism is NOT Instant Ramen An explanation of what therianthropy is not. Worth reading for people new to the concept of therianthropy. Sabersinger

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