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Information on various theriotypes, essays on the nature of theriotypes (also known as "animal sides", "weresides", and "phenotypes", among other names), advice on discovering one's animal side and more.

Title Summary Author
Rosettes On being a snow leopard therian. Aalaueryiian
Crow The meaning of crow for one animal person. Adagio
Wintercrow Thoughts of winter and flight, from a crow person. Adagio
Animal People Folklore Clouded leopard in myth and tales, and animal people. Akhila
The Cat-Nots Meant to open some eyes about what cats/ cat people are and what cats are not. Akhila
Writing About My Sides On clouded leopard and raven. Akhila
Writing on Cat Folk An animal person’s perception of felines and feline people. Akhila
Cold Lungs Perception from an earwig’s point of view. Earwig
Earwig A unique introduction to an earwig person called Earwig, and well worth the read. Earwig
The Itch Living and growing as an earwing person. Earwig
Experiencing Wolf Living and experiencing life as a wolf, and the root behind it. Elinox
Why So Many Wolves? Reasoning why the wolf is one of the most common theriotypes. Elinox
Wolf Person A sensory description of one wolf therian’s experience of their theriotype. Elinox
Panthera Uncia -- Pulling Up The Wind About the snow leopard and the leopard. Katsune
The Folklore of Snow Leopard Snow leopard in myth and legend. Katsune
Lioness A description of what lioness is for one lioness therianthrope. Kefira
Being Winged Theories to why some therians have wings, and whether or not flight would be possible for typically wingless animals. * Ketrino
Contemplation of the Sheep A ramble about where sheep fits into the big mix of self. Ketrino
Fears Fear from the eyes of a wolf/ sheep and some anti-human sentiment. Ketrino
On Being Ovis Canadensis A deeper look at the experience of being a bighorn sheep, and some thoughts on the lack of herbivore and lower food chain theriotypes. Ketrino
Ram Dreams A brief piece on what bighorn sheep is for one therian. Ketrino
The Wolf Theriotype Thoughts and theories on why wolves are so common. Ketrino
What Is Wolf? A brief piece on what wolf is for one therian. Ketrino
Experiencing the Phenotype How it feels to have "the animal inside", and the different ways it manifests. Korrok
Lionmind The mindset of a lioness. Kusani
My Antlers are the Biggest Liars I Know The complexities and nature of deer. Liesk
Seeking the Self and (Hardly) Making Sense of It A subjective view of coyote and deer in relation to self. Liesk
Why Big Fierce Animals Aren't Rare Theories and thoughts on the high population of weres with predatory phenotypes. Lynna Landstreet
Feathers What it's like to be bird. Meirya
Salad, or Steak? Thoughts on the imbalance between carnivore/omnivore therians and herbivore ones. Morg
Dire Wolf Is What dire wolf is to one therian. Paleo
Extinct Theriotypes Advice for those who think they might have an extinct theriotype. Paleo
On Being Extinct On having an extinct theriotype for one dire wolf. Paleo
I Know I'm a Cat A leopard's take on felinity. Quil
I Live in Fear The raw primal feeling - fear, blood, sweat, and all - of animal. Quil
Leopard Is A leopard therian's description of what leopard is to him. Quil
One Paw in the Galaxies Archetypes and real animals, in story and reality. Quil
Two Viewpoints On being both leopard and human. Quil
Why We're Big, Scary Animals Why there are so many "big and scary" theriotypes, and why it's not just delusions of grandeur. Quil
Between the Lines Where canine exists. Solo
Confessions Of An Extinct Canid How extinction and history effects one canine therian. Solo
Domestic and Wild: Spectrum of Diversity Looking at the concepts of domestic, feral, and wild in relation to a polywere’s theriotypes and humanity. Sonne Spiritwind
Midnight Sand A detailed explanation of what it is like to be a horse therian. Sonne Spiritwind
Predator or Prey? On the often debated concept of predator and prey theriotypes and a feline’s experience. Sonne Spiritwind
It's Not My Choice A short, powerful piece about the reality of being therian for a canine person. SummonerWolf
Fear and Boldness The experience of cat as bold and fearful. Tamuril
Wild Dog How domestication and the wilderness mix for one dog therian. Teja
Thoughts on Senses Sensing as a wolf. Twilight Stray
From Phenotype to Theriotype Why the word phenotype was eventually changed to theriotype. VampireKitten
Of Cats and Humans On being a cat and a human. Velvet Wings

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